Resources for Your Students

Your student’s experience is important to the university. Help your student get connected with the resources provided by the campus.


Money Matters

The following university services will help your student dollars go farther.


Financial Aid
Financial Aid

Financial aid can be confusing for a newly admitted family. Don’t worry! The Financial Aid office is there to help answer all your questions. If you’d like to learn about what grants, scholarships, loans, or work study is available to your student, check out the Financial Aid office’s website.


If you’ve got questions about tuition, fees, grades, records, or the academic calendar… the registrar is who you’re looking for. They also handle fees, refunds, and waivers, so if you have any concerns of that nature, head on over to the Registrar.



Looking to find out what living on campus is like? Questions about your housing options? How about questions about billing and payments? The housing website has exactly what you need. To get your FAQs answered contact the Residential Life help desk.

Student Business Services
Student Business Services

Commonly confused with the Financial Aid Office, the Student Business Services office is about payment. If you’ve got questions about billing, or anything about the FAFSA, including loan counseling and debt management check out Student Business Services.


UCR is a large campus, and parking can be difficult to manage. Our transportation office is here to help. They’ve got all the answers about parking passes, visitor passes, and learning more about accessibility options all over campus. If you have parking or commuter questions, or whether your student’s scooter is allowed on campus, contact Transportation and Parking Services.



UC Riverside is an inclusive campus with over 500 clubs and student organizations available to students. We also take pride in our Ethnic & Gender (E&G) offices. They are open to support your student’s success and needs.

African Student Programs
African Student Programs

ASP has a saying: it takes a village to graduate a Black scholar. Black scholars have a history on UCR’s campus and that's why they celebrate 50 years of African Student Programs! Their family and extended family/community ensures that Black scholars are not just getting to UCR, but they're thriving academically, culturally, and beyond. For more information, check out African Student Programs.

Asian Pacific Programs
Asian Pacific Student Programs

UC Riverside cares about our community’s rich and diverse Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander. The APSP is dedicated to breaking down cultural barriers through respectful, educational dialogue. This office is built to answer questions, build community, and be a home away from home. If you’d like to get more information, head over to Asian Pacific Student Programs.

Chicano Student Programs
Chicano Student Programs

The CSP office has been open for 50 years! They believe in celebrating tradition, providing a positive supportive environment, sharing education and research, connecting with campus partners and inspiring staff and students to demonstrate “true orgullo y corazón.” If you’d like to get more information, reach out to Chicano Student Programs.

LGBT Resource Center

Our LGBT Resource Center has been open for over 30 years! The LGBT Resource Center provides support, education, and advocacy regarding sexual orientation and gender identity/expression for the UC Riverside community and beyond. If you’d like to get more information, contact our LGBT Resource Center.

Middle Eastern Student Programs
Middle Eastern Student Center

The Middle Eastern Student Center, your Markaz (center) for Education, Support, & Community, comes from humble beginnings as a student-founded ethnic and gender program, MESC has developed into a student center that works to educate, support, and build community for those identify as or are interested in the Middle Eastern, Southwest Asian North African (SWANA), and Muslim experiences at UC Riverside. If you’d like to learn more about resources, reach out to our Middle Eastern Student Center.

Native American Student Programs
Native American Student Programs

Native American Student Programs is where you can unite as a community with other American Indian students at UC Riverside. This is your student’s home away from home — a place of support, friendship, and belonging. Celebrate native culture. Find answers to questions. Get help and encouragement with schoolwork. Find an internship. Get involved in events, activities, and UC Riverside student groups. Hang out. Have fun. If you’d like to learn more, check out Native American Student Programs.

Student Life
Student Life & Student Organizations

Getting involved and joining a club is a crucial part of being a Highlander. We encourage students to get into at least one organization during their time on campus! UC Riverside has a vibrant community of organizations, but maybe your student wants to start a new one! You can learn more by checking out Student Life.

Undocumented Student Programs
Undocumented Student Programs

The UC Riverside Undocumented Student Programs supports undocumented students and immigration-impacted students to succeed in higher education and prepare for post-graduation. USP serves undocumented students (with or without DACA), U.S. citizen students with undocumented family members, temporary Protection Status (TPS), special immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), U Visa, Asylum status. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to Undocumented Student Programs.

Women's Resource Center
Women’s Resource Center

For more than 40 years, the Women's Resource Center (WRC) has created amazing opportunities for all UC Riverside students. They invite you to become a partner and beneficiary of groundbreaking efforts that support women's lives. If you’d like a safe space to address gender issues, connect with campus safety programs, access sexual assault and domestic violence support, take on key leadership roles, and develop a sense of empowerment, contact the Women’s Resource Center.


Health, Well-Being & Safety

Helping your student transition to university life can be a challenge. The Highlander Family Network wants you to know you’re not alone. UCR Health, Well-Being, and Safety (HWS) are campus-wide priorities. We have many organizations that can help you as you make this transition.

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Basic Needs

The Basic Needs department is where students can connect with essential resources that make college life easier. If you are experiencing basic needs challenges, such as food insecurity, housing displacement/homelessness, or financial crisis, we encourage you to reach out to us for assistance. To learn more about what’s available, or to donate, check out Basic Needs.

CARE - Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education

CARE is an intervention and prevention support program committed to ending sexual violence at UC Riverside. We seek to unite, inspire, and cultivate a community culture of care by providing direct advocacy, resources and prevention educational programming related to issues of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking to students, staff, faculty and UC Riverside affiliates. Students can get help or get involved by checking out Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education. 

CAPS - Counseling & Psychological Services

CAPS is dedicated to the mental well-being of all students on campus. They provide resources on self-help, offer group and individual therapy services, and are available for consultations and outreach. Whether it is responding to an emergency or offering preventive mental health care, CAPS is available to all students on campus. To learn more, review the FAQ page on Counseling & Psychological Services.

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Police & Campus Safety

At UC Riverside, your police and safety professionals are striving to become the model of guardianship for the future of the campus policing profession by partnering with students, staff, and faculty to build a safe, inclusive, and empowered community. They define a guardian as a "defender, protector, or keeper" - one who advocates for another. As part of Health, Well-Being, and Safety, they are tasked with keeping campus safe for all students. By sending out warnings, safety notices, public safety announcements, providing an escort service, keeping a daily log for fire and crime updates, and much more, you can be sure your student is safe. To learn more, check out the Campus Safety page.

Case Manager
Student Affairs Case Management

Case Managers are the path-clearers and problem-solvers for UC Riverside students dealing with mental health, academic, relationship, food insecurity, and other stressful crises. By providing resources, linkage, education, and expertise, we empower students to break down barriers, clarify needs and navigate complex processes to get back on track to reach their goals. As a family member, you may have questions or concerns about your student while on campus. Check out the Case Management parent page for more details.

Student Disability Resource Center
SDRC - Student Disability Resource Center

For over 50 years, the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) has been dedicated to an inclusive educational experience for all Highlander students.
From applying for accommodations to learning how to transition from K-12 to university life with personal advocacy and support, the SDRC is available. You can find out more about how they interact with students and families by checking out their for families page.

SHS - Student Health Services

The mission of Student Health Services (SHS) is to promote academic excellence, enrich the student experience, and support retention by providing high-quality, accessible, and comprehensive medical care to students with a focus on multidisciplinary services, health education, and prevention. They provide detailed information about insurance options, access to making a multitude of health care appointments, and information about immunization requirements.

The Well
The Well

The mission of The Well is to provide quality health promotion and education, enact policy, and provide resources that foster student well-being, academic success, and support a healthy campus environment. From peer support groups to health resources and education, The Well is available for all students on campus. Find out more by reviewing The Well.



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