Mission Statement
The Highlander Family Network is dedicated to making UC Riverside available to the families of our students because we understand the important role they have in their student's growth and education. We do this through the development and implementation of family-centered programming and civic engagement.

Welcome to the Highlander Family Network - creating space and community for families past and present.

The Highlander Family Network, previously the Parents Association, has been around since 1988, and was established to build connections and community with our current students’ family base. While this goal has remained the same, our reach has diversified. We are dedicated to creating community with all of our family partners, volunteering in and around our local area, and creating opportunities for families to feel like they too, are part of the Highlander family.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Whether your student is a prospective student, a current undergraduate student, or a graduate student, we have an entire website to make the scholarship process easier. Without scholarships, many of our students wouldn’t be able to attend university. If you’d like to give, you can find a scholarship that fits your needs to donate to by checking out the giving list of funds.

We have affinity based scholarships, needs based scholarships, department based scholarships, alumni based scholarships, athletics based scholarships, and many many more. By typing in the key word of your choice, you can help make a student’s educational dreams come true.

Calderón Family

Fanny Calderón, an English professor at Peru’s ESAN University, understands the importance of a college education and parent involvement. She has supported her daughter, Stephanie, from touring the campus to senior year. Stephanie has grown academically and personally as a global citizen, advocating for mental health through the Active Minds program and as an award-winning peer in International Student Programs. Fanny appreciates UCR’s welcoming atmosphere and parent programs. Fanny appreciates UCR’s welcoming atmosphere and parent programs, and she gives back by speaking at English and Spanish parent events.

Latest News

fruit flies
Fruit fly wing research offers window into birth defects
<p>If fruit fly wings do not develop into the right shape, the flies will die. UC Riverside researchers have learned how fly embryo cells develop as they need to, opening a window into human development and possible treatments for birth defects.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
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Campus image
UCR in top 1.3% of world universities
<p>UC Riverside ranked in the top 1.3% of universities worldwide in the 2024 Center for World University Rankings, released Monday, May 13. The campus ranked No. 263 out of 20,966. Nationally, UCR landed at No. 82, and for the U.S. and Canada it was No. 95.</p>
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Bird flu
With H5N1 detected in dairy cows, is it safe to drink milk?
<p>Scott Pegan at UC Riverside shares his thoughts on how safe our milk supply is</p>
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Molten planet near star
Squeezed by neighbors, planet glows with molten lava
<p>UC Riverside astrophysicist Stephen Kane had to double check his calculations. He wasn’t sure the planet he was studying could be as extreme as it seemed.&nbsp;He saw a planet in this faraway star system covered with so many active volcanoes that seen from a distance it would take on a fiery, glowing-red hue.</p>
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